BDO Kabayan Savings Account for Paypal

Having Paypal account gives advantages and flexibility on shopping online. Many online payment are made through Paypal. It provide fast and secure payment online. But in creating Paypal account, one must use a valid contact information. These contact information must be the same as your bank account to avoid any problems.
To verify your paypal account, you must linked a valid credit card / debit card. And BDO credit ATM debit card is a good choice. All you need is an initial amount of two thousand pesos and two valid ID's. A small amount will be transferred from your bank to your paypal. There's no need to worry beacuse you can use that amount in purchasing items online. But take note that BDO debit card , a maintaining account balance of 2,000php is needed. Once you reach below maintaining balance, there will be a bank charge. Worst, your account might be closed. As a beginner with not enough budget, you might be interested of using the BDO Kabayan Savings card(yellow card). One great advantage of the BDO Kabayan Savings card is that it has no maintaining balance. As long as you received remittance (considering paypal payment) at least once a year, your bank account will be active. 

All you need is fifty pesos, and two valid ID's, you will have our debit card and passbook with you. Tell the bank teller that you will be receiving remittance. Call the BDO Customer Contact Center: 631-800 (Metro Manila) for more info. Open kabayan savings now!

Here's how to make online payment without credit card. Online Payment without credit card.


  1. hello I have a bdo kabayan remittance passbook and debit card. but my card doesn't have any logo like MasterCard.... How can I link my kabayan debit card to my paypal account??? I need to choose the type of card and give the code at the back... but my card doesn't have any code at the back...

  2. Same here, I thought that through my Kabayan card I could still connect to my paypal account. But when I got my atm card I got worried because I couldn't find any logo of visa or master card

  3. Hello po! You need to acquire the card with Mastercard logo. Mi wife had same issue, I told her to insist in the bank that she will be receiving remittance (and that is from Paypal).

    The funny thing, BDO bank tellers (in our place) do not know Paypal.

    Politely tell them that you need the one with "Mastercard" logo.